vendredi 14 août 2009

Lemony Snicket par Laureline Amanieux.

Un cadeau que le célèbre auteur jeunesse Lemony Snicket m'a fait lorsque nous étions voisins à San Francisco : cette interview exclusive à savourer pour un extrait seulement en.... frissonnant. Pour la version en français complète, rendez-vous ici.

Laureline Amanieux : Could you explain the source of your choices for the character’s first names : Violet, Klaus and Sunny ?

Lemony Snicket : “Violet” is a nod to “shrinking violets” and “candied violets,” two mainstays of Victorian literature; “Klaus” and “Sunny” are a reference to the real-life case of Klaus and Sunny Von Bulow, which was macabre enough to feel Victorian. Baudelaire, obviously, is a reference to the author of The Flowers Of Evil, a work I discovered when I was a young child and which has had an immeasurably enormous effect on me and my work.

Laureline Amanieux : The characters' names represent different nationalities. Why do you include all these nationalities in your novels?

Lemony Snicket : I thought it would be more interesting to keep the setting of the books absolutely ambiguous.

Laureline Amanieux : What is the importance of family secrecy in your character development?

Lemony Snicket : What are we but the secrets we keep?